Erica Knecht

Professional Photographer | Kuala Lumpur


What is it like to shoot with you?


Family sessions last about an hour or two. I like to photograph families when they feel the most at ease. I’ll photograph your family in your home or in a location that is special to you. As much as I can, I try to fade into the background when I work. I like to capture your family as you truly are. Sometimes I give a bit of direction, helping to find the most flattering angle or the most beautiful light. Mostly, though, I just try to let everyone be and find the truth and beauty in your everyday.



What do I get when I book a session?


A basic family photography session includes the following:

  • A one- to two-hour photography session on location; 
  • A set of 30+/- digital images with full print rights; 
  • An online gallery which you can share with your family and friends. 



Where do you work?


I’m based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Organising a shoot anywhere in Jakarta is a snap. If you’d like to work with me at a location outside the city, get in touch. I love to travel so let’s try to work something out. 


What should I wear?


Whatever you want!  You don’t need to have perfectly matching outfits for your kids or impeccably coiffed hair. It's the emotion and details of real life that make the most compelling photographs. It can be nice to create a pleasing pallet of complementary hues when choosing outfits for your family, but it’s definitely not essential. 

I suggest that you avoid dressing your family in matching outfits. Maybe avoid all white or dressing everyone in jeans and white button-up shirts. Wear what you love. Wear what you feel comfortable in. Wear what’s most you.


I feel super awkward in front of the camera. I don’t know how I should pose, or what to do with my hands. It's kind of the worst.


Yeah, I get it. Me too. I hate being in front of the camera. I try to make everyone as comfortable as possible. I shoot in a way that doesn't require posing, or figuring out what to do with that arm that's just hanging there, awkwardly.

I want to capture you doing what you love, hanging out with your family, playing with your kids. You don’t have to think about how you look, or how you hold your head, or what you're doing with your hands. I want you to look natural and real. If you feel awkward, just focus on playing with your kids. The images will come out beautifully.