Erica Knecht

Professional Photographer | Kuala Lumpur

And now for some Awkward Small Talk...

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I have Some Questions for you:

Before we work together, I like to get a little picture of who you are and what sort of images we're going to be making. Here's a few questions to help me get to know you.

Name *
Can you list everyone's names, and relationship (if not obvious), along with the age of the kids? I'll let you keep the adults' ages a secret if you'd like ;)
Please provide the venue address along with the address of our meeting place if different from above.
No. Really. Tell me. Not just your nationality, you jobs, your hobbies. Tell me what you love, what moves you, what inspires you. Tell me who you are.
I kinda wanna know your love story.
For example, if we’re shooting at home on a weekend morning, tell me what that looks like for you guys. If we’re taking a walk in your neighbourhood, tell me how that goes. Are there any special places that you normally stop at? Any specific characters that you usually encounter?)
What are they up to? Are there any milestones they’re hitting right now? Something funny you’ve noticed them doing lately? A little mannerism that kind of breaks your heart a bit it’s so beautiful?