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I’m so ready to get back to my camera. It’s been long, too long, since I knocked on a family’s door, butterflies, ready to learn a new love story.

We left Jakarta in May, and I sent off my last batch of Jakarta images just before our moving van pulled away. Now, it's almost three months later, and I’m through the creative fallows. 


This time without working has been important to my family. It allowed me to devote my energy inward. My creativity, my time, has been conserved for my family. I’ve spent these months settling my kids, soothing fears, calming tantrums, searching out friends, and just being together. I’ve directed my focus to learning important life skills like where to buy kale at a reasonable price, and who has the best cheeses, and how to cross the street without being hit by a bus, and how to stay calm when your kids are losing their minds, and how to open a bank account, and how to pay my phone bill (to be honest that one is still somewhat of an enigma.) This time away from my computer has allowed me to be more present and more creative with my own family at a time when the little ones really needed that. 

And now, after a predictable three month period of unrest, we’re reaching equilibrium again. And I’m longing to get back to shooting. This weekend kick things off. I have two sessions lined up, both generous families who are contributing to the UNHCR with the Shoot for Charity initiative. 


I can’t think of a better way to begin again. Its always an honour to make pictures for a family, to see each family, their ways of living and loving each other, their tenderness, their idiosyncrasies, the little bits of tension that make the softness that much sweeter. But it’s an even bigger honour to be invited to photograph a family who is giving to a cause that makes my chest swell with goodness and hope. 


I still have about one or possibly two slots open for this campaign. If you’re interested to know more send me a note at I’d love to hear from you.



At Home {A Mini-Session in Kemang | Jakarta Family Photography}

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I was sure this shoot was going horribly wrong. I thought, for sure, I was going to get nothing good. You see, there were these two little ones, full of life and laughter and a fair pinch of mischief, vibrating with pre-Christmas energy. And I made that silly mistake of puling out the FUN PHOTOGRAPHER card waaaaay too early. Jump on the bed, I told them. Run away, I'm a monster, I said. I got them all wound up, and I was sure it was game over.

But then look. Some magic happened. We connected. I saw them. And these images were the result. And I think, possibly, this ended up being one of my favourite sessions of the year.

So, anyway, if you want me to spend some time running your kids wild, chasing around your garden them like a monster, hoping against hope for a good picture, well, hey! Send me a note! ;)

Where He Was Small

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I'm not really one for long goodbyes, But a goodbye photoshoot? YES! Let's do it.

See this little boy here? He was about to move back home to Japan, having lived his whole life in Jakarta. His entire life has been here, everything he's ever known in these streets, but he's still too small to hold onto the memories of his first home, his first friends, his first loves. 

His parents asked me to make some photographs of their little boy's life here. They wanted to have some photos, some tangible representation of their time here. They wanted to capture his favourite places, his toys, and the streets near his house. They asked me to shoot mostly in black and white (happy to!!!) 

I love doing this kind of work. It might be one of my favourite ways to shoot a family, knowing that their days here are numbered, and nostalgia is thick, and they realize deeper than ever before, how much good there is in this place, that these truly are the golden days, and they want to hold onto it all.  

Anyway, here's a little from this session, if you'd like to see.

And if you'd like to make some photographs like this, send me a note.

Keep the Streets Empty for Me | A South Jakarta Family Session

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Most of the people I photograph are here in this city for a very limited amount of time. Our days here in Jakarta are bounded by contracts, cardboard boxes, and shipping containers. We bring our kids here, raise them up, and then wonder, how much of this place will they remember when they’re grown?


This question of roots and a sense of place is one that I reflect upon in the context of my own family. And I think that is part of the reason that I am drawn to making photographs of families out in this city.


Often when families ask about an outdoor venue for their photographs, I suggest taking a walk in the neighbourhood. I say get out out there, discover the cityscapes, vibrant and rich and beautiful in their mundanity, embrace it all the chaos, noise, and grit, because it’s part of your story and your story is beautiful. We'll make some photographs and you'll keep them and years later remember that time in your life when your kids where small and loved superheroes and play fighting and in the evenings they ran up and down the streets with the neighbourhood boys while the sun hangs hazy orange low.


I got to work with this gorgeous family several weeks ago near their home in the South. They were lovely, dynamic and fun and their boys bouncing, full of life and karate chops and that general bread of boy-ness that I so love. Anyway, it made photographing them a total dream. Plus, we did a little tour of the neighbourhood, red wagon in tow and everything. All of which is to say, this shoot was a dream. And I’d love more like this please! ;)


If you’re interested in doing a session like this one, I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch either here, or via my Facebook page. Or you can email me directly at Okay! Do it! Talk to you sooooon ;)


It's for the Neighbourhood

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Do you guys know how amazing this city is early in the morning? The streets are still quiet, the air a little fresher, and the light is just so good.

I met up with Joanne, Keith and Chase recently to make some photographs. The brief was simple: just some simple images of their family in the home; they wanted to capture their wee boy on that precariously heartbreaking cusp between toddler and boy. 

So we met up, I tried to do some indoor shots of the family, but this boy, well he wasn't into it. He wanted out. He wanted to run. So we followed. We went out and explored the neighbourhood, up graffiti lined streets and down narrow allies. And it turned out to have been the best.

Kids know, I tell you. It's like a life lesson, I'm sure. Follow their lead. They'll show you the way.

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A Goodbye Shoot | Jakarta Family Photograher

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Leaving is tough, isn't it? Saying good by to that home where your toddler took his first steps, to that room where you nursed your infant in the stillness of the night, to that pool where your big kid grew two sizes the day she learned to swim, it’s poignant, and painful. Those rooms in which your memories are housed now become memories themselves. 



Saying goodbye to place is difficult. But saying good bye to the people that helped raise your kids, that is, you know, heartbreaking. These lovely souls who brushed away your little one’s tears, or who lifted your boy into the driver's seat of the car, and played race cars all afternoon, or those beautiful people who reached out held your baby when you just needed to catch your breath, well, these people become bonded to us like family. 


Recently, a lovely family booked a session right before leaving Indonesia. Their children are tiny, too tiny to really hold onto any memories of their first home. These little boys would move away and never really remember Jakarta home, or their life here. These boys would never know how Pak Ari was devoted to the bigger one, or how the Ibus loved the baby with gentle, patient hearts. 


This family asked for pictures of them in their Jakarta home. But they also asked for pictures of the whole household. The nanny, the driver, the housekeeper. Each one of these people has played a role in helping this family make a home here. And the mum wanted to make sure that their boys knew these lovely faces, and that their helpers would remember them for always.



I’m a firm believer in preserving our stories. Our stories, weather we know them or not, shape us. The people who love us teach us about love. And so much better for us to know our stories, to remember.  


So many third culture kids don't have the chance to go back to their first homes. They'll never have the experience of driving by their first house, and remember the smell of cement and red earth, the driver who played race cars, and the housekeeper who sang lullabies. They won’t return to that garden where they around after shcool and remark on how small it seems now that they're grown. 


But these boys will get to return to these photos, and know a bit of their story. They’ll know the places that were important to them when they were small. They'll know how many people were around when they were small to love them wholeheartedly. 


If you would like to preserve your Jakarta story for your family, for your little ones, I’d be honoured to work with you.  I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here or at 

Farewell to Jakarta {A Family Session | Jakarta}

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Saying goodbye is tough work, you know? It’s like sadness and nerves, the ‘what will be’ and the ‘oh my heart what used to be,’ It's the promise of longing for old times, old places and old friends, plus the excitement and anticipation of what lies ahead. What new adventures? What new roads will we travel? What new hearts will we meet?


I said goodbye to a dear friend last week who is leaving Jakarta, off for new adventures. Jenn is a real, good, kind heart, an artist of the truest order, and an inspiration in that essential art of how to be a human.

But before she left, I got to hang out with her and her gorgeous family. We wanted to make some pictures to remember her time in Jakarta, a city that’s been home to her family and her children during their most magical years. This little family is saying goodbye to life in this crazy city, goodbye to chaos, and bad traffic, goodbye to pollution and flooding. But also goodybe to having a beloved aunt and uncle down the road, to their pet dog, and a veritable menagerie of stray animals that made a home together. Goodbye to slow evenings when the light slants low, and the dogs run around until they can't run anymore, and little ones play naked in the sprinkler, no one caring that there are no dry clothes. Goodbye to their school, to community. Goodbye to friends so close they are now family. Goodbye to that golden light, those banana leaves glowing green, and the sound of the call to prayer drifting lazily through the air. 

Goodbyes. They are hard. 


I’m so glad, though, that I got to take these pictures and remind them of wheelbarrow races and white wine in water glasses, golden afternoons, lush green leaves, and red earth, and little dirty feet.


Anyway, J. I’m gonna miss you. I already do. 

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