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A Farewell Session

Where He Was Small

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I'm not really one for long goodbyes, But a goodbye photoshoot? YES! Let's do it.

See this little boy here? He was about to move back home to Japan, having lived his whole life in Jakarta. His entire life has been here, everything he's ever known in these streets, but he's still too small to hold onto the memories of his first home, his first friends, his first loves. 

His parents asked me to make some photographs of their little boy's life here. They wanted to have some photos, some tangible representation of their time here. They wanted to capture his favourite places, his toys, and the streets near his house. They asked me to shoot mostly in black and white (happy to!!!) 

I love doing this kind of work. It might be one of my favourite ways to shoot a family, knowing that their days here are numbered, and nostalgia is thick, and they realize deeper than ever before, how much good there is in this place, that these truly are the golden days, and they want to hold onto it all.  

Anyway, here's a little from this session, if you'd like to see.

And if you'd like to make some photographs like this, send me a note.