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In The Morning

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This is, hands down, my favourite type of shoot. 



The brief was simple: capture love, relationship, and the tiny details of the everyday. Show Mia’s morning routine, the little bits of her life here and now. Show her world as it exists through her eyes. Show the people around, her neighbourhood, her friends, her nanny, the driver, the security guard. Show the relationship they have. Show the neighbourhood, the dog that always walks by in the morning, show the noodle soup hawker, show the nannies feeding their charges in the early morning sun. Show the dirt and grime. Show how much love surrounds this little being. 


Right up my street, guys. Right up my street. 


Community speaks to me so loudly. You know that whole thing, with“It takes a village to raise a child”? I believe it. I feel it. I live it. I know that I rely on my community to help me, to love my to fill that void that comes when family are oceans and days away. 


So, I was so glad when I was tasked to make photographs of everyone who surrounds Mia. Because, after all, it is the people around our children, the people who love our children, the people who care for our children, who change their diapers and kiss their scraped knees and feed them mango, all of these people are the ones that teach our children what love looks like.


And let me tell you, this sweet child is so, so, so loved.

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