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It's for the Neighbourhood

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Do you guys know how amazing this city is early in the morning? The streets are still quiet, the air a little fresher, and the light is just so good.

I met up with Joanne, Keith and Chase recently to make some photographs. The brief was simple: just some simple images of their family in the home; they wanted to capture their wee boy on that precariously heartbreaking cusp between toddler and boy. 

So we met up, I tried to do some indoor shots of the family, but this boy, well he wasn't into it. He wanted out. He wanted to run. So we followed. We went out and explored the neighbourhood, up graffiti lined streets and down narrow allies. And it turned out to have been the best.

Kids know, I tell you. It's like a life lesson, I'm sure. Follow their lead. They'll show you the way.

jakarta family photographer_a walkaround-10.jpg