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Waiting {A maternity shoot in central Jakarta}

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This was my first foray into maternity photography in Jakarta. And to tell you the truth, was a little bit nervous. Without the energy of little children, I wondered, would this session have enough dynamism?

As it turns out though, working with adults is WAY EASEIR than working with children. I mean, adults follow instructions! They stay where you pose them! They look at the camera when you ask! It was kind of a revelation.

And so, I came away from this shoot happy. I wanted to give my clients a portrait of that waiting era: that liminal period when it’s just the two of you, but not really, because there’s almost three, and your heart has expanded but you don’t yet know how much it still has to grow, and you can feel that a sea change is imminent, but you can’t quite picture how your life will look two months hence. And so, together, just the two of you, waiting, waiting, waiting. 

I’d love to do more shoots like this. If you’re expecting, and you’d like to make something special, let’s talk. You can email me at

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