Erica Knecht

Professional Photographer | Kuala Lumpur



Lifestyle Photographer // Jakarta, Indonesia 


It’s the ephemera of the everyday that is the most beautiful to me: the way a lock of hair sweeps across a forehead, the dappled light under a frangipani tree, a dimpled elbow around a mother’s neck. 

I work to capture the tiny details, the fleeting moments that are so evocative of time, place and feeling. These fragments of our wonderful ordinary lives are my obsession. They’re what I think about when I close my eyes. They’re what I want to capture with my lens and etch into your family’s collective memory.

I want to work with you to capture the details. I to want work with you to make photographs that tell a story; photographs that capture your life just as it is – here and now.


I’m a Canadian photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia.


I work in a reportage-style. I shoot naturally, as a photo journalist might. Rather than posing families and asking little ones to sit quietly and smile for the camera, I capture real life, just as it is. I like to observe families as they spend time simply being together. I make photographs that help you remember the truth and beauty of your family, exactly as you are.

I love to take pictures of families of all sorts: big families, couples, mothers, fathers, children, new babies. 

Wherever there's emotion, I find inspiration. 


I'd love to hear from you. Interested in working together? Have any questions? Just want to say hi? Drop me a line: